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Marilyn and Joe during their honeymoon exiting a plane while at Itami Airport in Japan. An original slide from the collection of Jennifer Jean Miller.

“Joe and Marilyn: Legends in Love” – Biography Filled with Factual Errors …What Are the Facts?

By Jennifer Jean Miller Somehow, though C. David Heymann a celebrity biographer, died in 2012, his book, Joe and Marilyn: Legends in Love, is scheduled for release this July 1….

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Marilyn and JFK Were Not an Item – Don’t Be Fooled By Photoshops Out There or Sordid Tales

By Jennifer Jean Miller In 1962, Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, and since then the two have become an “item”…a…

Blondel's - One of the cool projects we've embarked on here at InsideScene.LA.

Many Great Changes and Developments at InsideScene.LA

By Jennifer Jean Miller It’s hard to believe that we started our site, InsideScene.LA, about a year ago. It’s also been about that long since we posted…and we’ve missed you…

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The Rolling Stone Article and Cover – InsideScene.LA Thoughts? ‘Let’s Take the Focus off of ‘Jahar’ and Honor the True Heroes Instead’

By Jennifer Jean Miller NEW YORK, NY – This past week, I sat in a courtroom for one of the publications I work with, to report on a man who…

Jim Morrison 1969.
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Where Did You Go, Jim Morrison aka Mr Mojo Risin?

Jennifer Jean Miller PARIS, FRANCE – Jim Morrison talked as early as 1967 about pulling a death stunt, to help draw publicity for The Doors, and pondered what it might…

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“Anna Nicole”: The Verdict

Jennifer Jean Miller HOLLYWOOD, CA – Yesterday night, this writer, who barely if ever flicks on the TV, due to lack of time, and interest, turned on the box last…

MAVRIXPHOTO.COM  Anna Nicole and her beloved son and best friend, Daniel. The 20-year old was Anna's "pride and joy and an amazing human being." 

Photo Courtesy of Trimspa.

Take Things Written About Anna Nicole With a Grain of Salt; Remembering Anna Nicole in a Way She Should Be

Jennifer Jean Miller HOLLYWOOD, CA – It has been over six years since her tragic death, but Anna Nicole Smith is being personally bashed by a large publication (which will…

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