Hoax News Story – Ignore the Fables About Charles Manson’s Parole – Remember the Victims Instead

Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring...two victims of the Manson Family killing spree. The story about Charles Manson's parole is a hoax.

Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring…two victims of the Manson Family killing spree. The story about Charles Manson’s parole is a hoax.

As shown in previous posts, I do not like to give the spotlight to those who have caused harm to others…and if I am reporting on criminals, I give preferences to victims first. Biased? Yes…but why should a narcissistic psychopath monopolize my site? (let this be a warning to readers, this is an opinionated post not in favor of criminals, as well as giving a bit of a jab to unethical “journalists.”).

As many of you know, I have worked in my field as an advocate for crime victims, so when I read something, especially in jest, that gives positive light to a mass murderer, my stomach does flip flops.

However, as a journalist who has worked in the field for many years, I need to clear up a misconception that has been flying around regarding the psychopath of psychopaths though I hate giving someone like this an ounce of air time.

That is the ringleader of death, Charles Manson.

News flash: Charles Manson is being paroled. Fact or fiction?

Absolute fiction and bunk.

Unfortunately, a spoof article by a group that should be ashamed of themselves for generating satirical stories of this nature, decided to release a story that Charles Manson was paroled. This story has been floating around for a few weeks now. The rationale of the story was they were releasing ill and elderly inmates to alleviate overcrowding. The joker who decided to pen this stupidity, “A Michael Smith,” claims to have been a Harvard grad cryogenically frozen in 1642 and then revived in 1981. Maybe he ought to return to his cryogenic icebox for generating such a disgraceful hoax story about a mass murderer, making light of someone who was responsible for many deaths, including an unborn baby.

I hate to even give a spotlight to this garbage, but this “news” site, has over 900 Facebook fans, and isn’t even legitimate. Yet unfortunately, many trusting readers are reading the Empire News and buying into their headlines and content, not realizing it is a satirical site (though the site does specify it in their disclaimer).

This is the same site cranking out a fable about an abortion clinic that sold fetuses to a Chinese restaurant…showing the lack of taste that this outlet has…btw, that story was also penned by A. Michael Smith who really should really be proud of himself (for those who don’t get it, I’m being sarcastic here about my opinion on how he should be proud). He really seems to have a thing for writing about victimized babies who never had a chance to be born between the Manson story and the Chinese cuisine fetuses. Plus, victimizing victims’ families for writing phony baloney stories about the people who killed their loved ones.

I will say, when I first saw the headline on Facebook appear on my newsfeed because of someone who shared it, my heart skipped a beat and then sunk with the possibility that this thing (meaning Manson) could be released from prison.

Anyway, since I have still seen this vomit vomited on Facebook though in spite of other publications and anti-Hoax sites addressing it, it still hasn’t sunk in yet that this story is not legit. So, I feel it is necessary to spread some SEO to say…

Charles Manson is not to be released on parole and is not scheduled for another hearing until 2027. If you hear otherwise, it is a fictional story and a hoax.

Unfortunately, however, Manson associate Bruce Davis was paroled in March, though Davis is still subject to the 120-day review, plus Governor Jerry Brown could still (hopefully) quash it.  Click here to read a story on CNN…not a hoax.

What is most absurd to me in these cases especially is how there are people who would even consider releasing mass murderers from prison. Additionally, how someone like Tex Watson, for example, who had proudly considered himself Manson’s “lieutenant” would have been nearly given parole three years ago, and was given a five-year denial instead at his hearing. I honestly don’t give a you-know-what that Tex is born-again, or that Susan Atkins, who died in prison, showed off a huge cross on her neck in interviews. I am a Christian too and I’m sure other Christians may say I’m being judgmental. Sorry, don’t care if you disagree with me, I think Susan Atkins, who laughed her head off at trial every time Sharon Tate’s name was mentioned, was fooling everyone. I also believe the same thing about “Lieutenant” Watson.

I’m not swayed by Leslie Van Houten’s crocodile tears, or that they did drugs, or they blame Chucky for brainwashing them…they exerted their own free will and made choices that were horrendous. I can say that someone I do know met the Manson clan years ago before they committed the murders, and felt them too weird and distanced themselves…Tex Watson, Susan Atkins and the rest, could have made the same choice if they had wanted to.

Just because Tex Watson is born-again, does not mean he is safe to roam publicly…I think it’s terrible that he has a website, under the name of “Charles D. Watson,” with a photo on the front page that shows a lighthouse reflecting on the water, depicting a tranquil view after the hysteria he and his pals caused. I find his site truthfully tacky and phony, while Sharon Tate and the other victims, never had a chance to live long enough to experience the Internet and have a better ending written to their stories…instead, their stories, in addition to tributes, features grisly death pictures available online, because of the handiwork of Charles Manson, Tex Watson and company.

Let Tex Watson minister to the other prisoners for the rest of his life if he truly is born again and don’t subject society to another potential wrath of terror (I am not, btw, giving any links to his site…I’d rather give publicity to the Empire News vomit than his, which is the lesser of two evils honestly…to me, Tex Watson is using the name of God improperly, which is an even greater danger than Empire News).

And if any of Tex’s followers want to thump the book at me about being unforgiving or whatever, remember…one of the biggest mass murderers of his day, was the Apostle Paul, when he was called Saul, whose acts included the stoning of Stephen. It’s great that the Apostle Paul became a man of God and one that many consider second in terms of one of the greatest influences on Christianity after Jesus. And while Paul did enjoy freedom and dedicated his life to the Lord, he also spent much of his time in prison and did many of his writings there.

I believe Paul was remorseful for what he did when he was Saul…I don’t believe Tex Watson is. Has Tex Watson ever even expressed his remorse to any of the families? The answer is a big fat “no.” When faced with Sharon Tate’s mother, as can be seen below, he just sat silently. He is putting on an act, using the name of God, to further his own agenda, hoping for the “Get Out of Jail Free,” card for being a “good boy” all of these years.

Remember folks, it was Tex Watson who told his victims, “I am the devil and I have come to do the devil’s work,” not the smiling guy with greying hair who is surfacing in Google images.

As brutal as Saul, was, I don’t recall him even telling his victims the devil was his employer.

I don’t also care if Tex has a B.S. (there is an alternate acronym I can think of for his degree) in Business Management now…I would certainly not hire the guy.

I find it disgraceful when Sharon Tate not only was relegated to beg for her life during her final moments, and also begged for her son’s, that Tex Watson could get married (and Susan Atkins), and enjoy enough conjugal visits (plus a honeymoon in a trailer at the prison) to have fathered four children from prison. How could he be allowed freedoms and pleasures like that, when he took away the freedoms of his victims?

Bless the heart of Doris Tate, Sharon’s mother, who aptly told Tex Watson at one of his parole hearing that he should be allowed parole when his victims are. She asked him, when is the parole for she and her family? And the other families? And those who he killed like Sharon? She also reminded him she would not want to be his neighbor (nor would I).

Doris Tate also asked what mercy he showed Sharon, who even offered Tex Watson the possibility to kill her after her baby was supposed to be born two weeks following the night he killed her..can you believe it, that sweet girl had to beg for her life like that, offering herself as a sacrifice after the birth of her child?…the fact that she had to beg for her life like that and attempt to rationalize with this creep like that, is absolutely and positively disheartening…and that he could even show his face to a parole board, is nauseating, no matter how “reformed” and “redeemed” he is. Tex Watson was and is one twisted individual.

Anyway, this could turn into a whole other thread, especially if I get further started on ringleader Chucky and his opportunities including marriage, which is absolutely repulsive (don’t even get me started on Rolling Stone again as I did in a past post, for chronicling the Boston Marathon Bomber and a few months later interviewed the bride-to-be of Chucky). And I hate giving someone like Charles Manson, or his cronies, or members of the media that make criminals the heroes, the spotlight…but these fables need a place to be aired and debunked. It also needs to be reiterated how pathetic and sick it is someone would joke about this topic enough to create a work of fiction that Charles Manson is paroled.

In the meantime, I just hope you leave this post remembering a few things…

1)   Charles Manson is really not up for parole;

2)   The Empire News is a spoof news site;

3)   InsideScene.LA is one of a zillion sites that shares legitimate news stories and opinion topics on current events such as this one and is run by truth-seeking journalists, not exploitative and unethical ones;

4)   Always put crime victims and their families first.


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